Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

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FSOC Pulls The Plug on AIG’s SIFI Status; Is PRU Next?

The Takeaway: On Friday, the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) met and voted to rescind American International Group’s (AIG) nonbank systemically important financial institution(SIFI) designation. This is a significant move for FSOC and could indicate that the government will withdraw its appeal of the lawsuit that invalidated MetLife Inc.’s (MET) nonbank SIFI status and that…

Harvey Smooths Speed Bump for Used Vehicles

The Takeaway: Hurricane Harvey is estimated to have damaged 300,000 (Cox Automotive) to  1 million (Black Book) vehicles. Cox Automotive Chief Economist Jonathan Smoke expects that tighter vehicle supply and increased demand will lift used vehicle prices for two to three months. He expects adjusted used vehicle prices to remain “strong” for the remainder of…

Dangerous Regulatory Curves Ahead for Autos

“There’s just no denying what the change in that market has done to our recoveries. And it’s had a significant and material impact on our loss rates.” – Consumer Portfolio Services The Takeaway Used vehicle depreciation is only one challenge facing the auto industry. Others include regulatory inquiries into global positioning systems (GPS), kill switches,…

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