Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

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Can Rick Perry Make Coal Great Again?

The Takeaway: On Friday, Energy Secretary Rick Perry sent heads spinning when his agency initiated a proceeding with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that appears designed to bail out struggling coal and nuclear plants in competitive markets. The question on everyone’s mind is whether this request could lead FERC to essentially re-regulate a class of…

US Exports Prepped to Surge in Leaner LNG Market

The Takeaway: There are several truths known to be self-evident in the world of LNG: first, demand is rising quickly due to a variety of economic and political factors; second, near-term oversupply will give way to an aggregate supply deficit, probably by the early 2020s; and third, LNG export terminals require years to build, and…

Qatari Catalyst: Uncertainty Rattles World’s Biggest LNG Shipper; Summer Demand Heating Up

The Takeaway: Last week, six Arab countries abruptly severed diplomatic ties with Qatar, allegedly over Qatar’s support for organizations regarded as terrorist, including the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. Several of these countries, including the UAE and Egypt, are prominent importers of Qatari LNG and natural gas. Globally, Qatar is the largest LNG supplier with nearly…

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