Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

Qatari Catalyst: Uncertainty Rattles World’s Biggest LNG Shipper; Summer Demand Heating Up

The Takeaway: Last week, six Arab countries abruptly severed diplomatic ties with Qatar, allegedly over Qatar’s support for organizations regarded as terrorist, including the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. Several of these countries, including the UAE and Egypt, are prominent importers of Qatari LNG and natural gas. Globally, Qatar is the largest LNG supplier with nearly…

Dangerous Regulatory Curves Ahead for Autos

“There’s just no denying what the change in that market has done to our recoveries. And it’s had a significant and material impact on our loss rates.” – Consumer Portfolio Services The Takeaway Used vehicle depreciation is only one challenge facing the auto industry. Others include regulatory inquiries into global positioning systems (GPS), kill switches,…

Shrey Verma in Nikkei Asian Review: US ‘reciprocal tax’ concept could threaten Asian exports

Alternative to mooted 20% impost on imports would disrupt global supply chains While Trump and his economic advisers have yet to present any concrete details around the idea of a “reciprocal tax,” the idea should not be dismissed. According to news reports, the Trump administration’s draft negotiating objectives for revamping the North American Free Trade…

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